Destination Mars will begin a three-year, national tour in February 2003 at the Discovery Center Science Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact the Space Science Institute for available dates.

$7,000 rental fee (including $1,375 deposit), plus inbound shipping costs.
The rental period is 3 months.
The exhibit ships in less than half of a van.
Crates can be off-loaded without a forklift.
The crates, which are fitted with casters for easy movement, will fit through standard doorways (31 inches wide).
Setup takes two people one day or less and requires a display area of at least 600 square feet.
A 10-foot ceiling is recommended, but an 8-foot ceiling will work.
Depending on where the electrical outlets are, the exhibit components can be powered from either above or below.
The Space Science Institute will provide each host venue with a press kit and assist it in finding a scientist to give a public talk on Mars. The Institute provides Mars education resources through a Web site.
Interested venues may purchase a copy of the exhibit.
For more information contact:
Lisa Curtis
Space Science Institute